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Cincinnati Bengals tight end Alex Smith speaks on the importance of school to iCAM.

DJ Ekin on "i Care About Me..."

The Vision

i Care About Me was created to inspire and motivate our youth to care about themselves as individuals including: believing in themselves and their potential, expanding goal setting capacity within each child, and increasing overall personal self-esteem and self-worth.

The goal is to instill a sense of caring about oneself as a human being, as a functioning and valuable member of society, and to impart the message that material things like jewelry, cars, and clothes do not make the person; but one's morals and values do, enabling one to make a positive impact on our world.

This campaign is designed to be led by today's youth. This campaign is designed for the youth of our communities to become a part of, spread the message, and create a movement.

Latest Blog Posts

Alyssa’s Blog — Power

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In today’s world it is far too easy to feel powerless. We are told to believe that power is obtained by wealth and popularity, when in reality we contain power deep within ourselves. Social trends seem to drain personal power, the power that every single individual possesses...

Are you able to give when you’re broken, to hope when you’re defeated, to love when you’re hated?

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  Last week, I had the incredible opportunity to attend a meet and greet with Dr. Bernard Lafayette, one of the greatest Civil Rights Activists. He is a living legacy and icon, a man who stood alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the fight for equal rights. Highly...

Alyssa’s Blog – Finding Peace in an Anxious World

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For a while now I’ve been curious about mediation. I know a few people who use meditative practices throughout the day to enhance their sense of mindfulness and to beat depression. In our hectic world we so easily become strangled by social media, news outlets, and the congestion...

Alyssa’s Blog – Note of Motivation

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Change the Plan At 23 years old, I am living in what probably is going to be the biggest transitioning moment in my life. I have graduated college, found my feet dipping in the chilly waters of what I thought would be my career, and experienced my first “real” heartbreak. I have...
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