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Slow Down! You Can’t Out-Run God

You might be a college graduate anxiously trying to find employment, or maybe you’ve returned back to school to further you’re education to create stability. We live in a society where we are nurtured to constantly desire more. “The more the better,” right?

We are taught to be the fastest, the strongest, the best. We race to the finish line most of the time without even realizing what race we are in. If we are not careful we will move so fast that we miss a chance at happiness.

Yesterday I did just that, and today I am trying to make it better. It’s human nature to become angry and frustrated, when we want more. When I woke up late yesterday I allowed myself to become overwhelmed and angry. I immediately started rushing and instead of taking a minute to thank God for another day, my thoughts circulated around how much easier my life would be if I only had some help. While packing lunches frantically I yelled for my daughter to get up and get dressed quickly. I hurried her into class and headed for work. I was too busy rushing that I didn’t give her a kiss. The guilt took over and I quickly lost control over my whole day. What just happened? I asked myself. Why am I going so fast? And why am I trying to out run God?

I stopped and took and breath and began to hear Gods voice tell me that he would make everything better if I just slowed my mind down…..Well that lasted only 5 minutes and off and racing I was again. This time while running errands I became more and more frustrated. I found myself screaming (out loud) at the cars around me. It was pouring rain and I was irritated. What is wrong with me today? I couldn’t help myself or find peace in anything I did. I felt as though that the answer to all of my emotional drama was at the finish line.

But then suddenly I became exhausted. What I failed to realize was that I am not alone in this journey; I have a God who gives me the strength to make it through each and every day. I am exactly where I should be in life because he holds me in his arms. I must learn to appreciate who I am and where I am today and today only. It’s not about racing to see how far I can go or how much I can do, its about trusting him and letting him lead my race. I know in life I will fall short of exceeding my goals from time to time, and my dreams may not always play out perfectly. However, today I learned that I’m OK just living and doing the best I can. I now know that I can never out give God, or out love God and certainly never out run God. He is my leader, the one that gives me peace. It is my job to follow him to the end and never be worried about how far or how close the finish line is. In the end I know with God, I will ultimately win the race. How will you run your race?

Caring about you is caring about others! I care about me!

Alyssa B.