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Making YOU A Priority In 2014

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It’s a new year, time for new hopes, dreams and goals. We all have them, we even set what we call “resolutions” to start out the year.  Yet many of us give up on these “resolutions” after a week or two. Why? Is it because they are hard, or we can’t see an immediate result, or because they don’t really matter?

What if we all just decided on one seemingly simple “resolution” to care about ourselves more?  Say it out loud – I Care About Me. What does this mean?  Is it selfish to say, I care about me? No… it’s just the opposite. To really care about yourself means believing in who you are as a person, loving all the things about yourself that make you different, unique and who you are. Caring about your life, your future, your feelings and the direction you will ultimately go.  When you decide to care about yourself and put yourself first you will start to see a change in your attitude and the determination you feel to reach goals you set, not just to show off to others but to really feel pride for what you have accomplished.  Give it a try. Set a new goal a week. Start now by writing down all the things you like about yourself now as you currently are. Then write another set of items of all the things you inspire to be or see in yourself. Pick one item a week to focus on. Maybe your first one is you like that you are kind. Try to do one kind thing a day for yourself or someone else (doing for others makes us feel good). This can be as simple as telling yourself in the mirror each morning that you are great and that you believe in yourself- that’s a kind thing to do. Stop yourself throughout the day if you start to judge yourself or think bad thoughts about who you are. If you start creating a chain of positive thoughts it will lead to more positive thoughts and you will be left feeling great about yourself…and isn’t that the goal? To be able to say “I Care About Me” and believe it?!

Well enough about you. ☺

We are super excited to re-launch “i Care About Me.” It’s a new year, a new us, and a new movement for you to join. This is a movement designed for you to lead and help us determine the issues that are impacting kids today most. This is a place for you to have a voice and inspire others to not only care about themselves, but care about others so you all can all giveback and make your little piece of the world that much better.

Our first movement of the year is to help you look at your dreams and goals. We are launching a contest and social movement based around “i Care About My Dreams” Check the contest section of our website www.iCareAboutMe.org for full details. But the basic idea is for you to start your own mini movement. Really think about your dreams, what you want to accomplish both big and small and write them down, send them into us and encourage others to do the same.  We will post helpful and fun tips throughout the month to get you thinking on ways to engage others and spread the message of “i Care About Me.”  I know there are many of you out there that have ideas and are just waiting for the right time to be heard… well this is your chance.

Happy New Year!


Executive Director, i Care About Me