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Alyssa’s Blog – Finding Peace in an Anxious World

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For a while now I’ve been curious about mediation. I know a few people who use meditative practices throughout the day to enhance their sense of mindfulness and to beat depression. In our hectic world we so easily become strangled by social media, news outlets, and the congestion of day to day life that we forget to breathe. Recently I purchased the new Russell Simmons’s book “Success through Stillness” and found that meditation does not have to be all that it’s hyped up to be, but that by simply focusing on my breathing, it can allow for me to become mindful of every single area in my life. Becoming peaceful is something that I desire so passionately that I have committed myself to improve my mental health.
Meditation has been proven through many studies to reduce depression and even decrease physical pain. It has helped people cope with the after-effects of cancer treatments and reduces stress caused by chronic disease. By only focusing on the sensations of your breath and the flow in which it is inhaled and exhaled, you’re entire mind becomes peaceful, which in turn gives power to your physical body. This process makes me feel relaxed and in control. The more time that I spend in stillness, the more peaceful my mind and physical body become. Focusing on my breathing allows me to actually feel my nervous system actively working inside of me. It’s as if suddenly I have complete control over my body and heart rate. The situation that upset me no longer has power over my emotions. In stillness, distractions fade away and you become more conscious of your decisions, making you feel empowered to change.
There is no “right” or “wrong” way to meditate; you simply just have to do it. I’ve found it easiest to be somewhere quiet (not in my bed), with no distractions. Yes, unfortunately this means that you must turn off your phone and TV; however it will be worth it. While some people like to repeats mantras, I instead begin by focusing all of my thoughts on one thing; a picture, a place, or sound (maybe a fan or water). When doing this you will immediately be bombarded with billions of random thoughts, which is normal. Continue to focus your thoughts and energy around the details of your item and breathe deep long breaths. If you feel as though your mind continues to race change your focus to your actual breathing. Talk yourself through each breath both in and out while allowing your body to feel the process. Because I’ve only just started meditating, I only do this for a couple of minutes; however I can feel an immediate difference. Meditation takes time and practice; you have to re-train your mind to be still. I believe that if you can find a few minutes each day to do this, your life will change almost instantly.
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-Alyssa B
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