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Alyssa’s Blog — Power

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In today’s world it is far too easy to feel powerless. We are told to believe that power is obtained by wealth and popularity, when in reality we contain power deep within ourselves. Social trends seem to drain personal power, the power that every single individual possesses internally. It is critical that we eliminate the feeling of being powerless. Although tough life circumstances may make you feel hopeless and even powerless, you have the ability to control actually being powerful and feeling triumphant in all situations.
Power isn’t a force to be used to get what you want, it’s not suppression of yourself to achieve perfection, and it’s not status or money or even a position. Power is you. You are power. You must believe that in order to become powerful. Until this point, no amount of money or fame will give you power. There are millions of people who have become “successful” in the definition of our world today, however inside they feel empty. They are powerless. Why? Well, they give their power away. Gradually, without noticing people give their power away in an effort to be accepted and protected, to even please others to fit in. Deciding that others are more important than yourself and your own well being and letting people take charge of you can do the same thing.

It seems right, or even normal to maybe sit modesty in the background withholding your opinion in fear of being unaccepted, living for your children or spouse, over committing yourself to your career in order to keep peace or move forward. Doing this, however tends to reduce your sense of self-worth because you’ve rid yourself of your own power. Over time this creates a place of vulnerability and room for victimization to occur. There must be a desire to develop your core self in order to become powerful from the inside out. Developing your core self, the part of you that connects to reality and places you at the heart of experiences, will give you the ability to then be in control of your life’s direction. You will be driven by a deep sense of power that grows from within you and stays constant no matter what obstacles arise.

Nothing describes the feeling of having power. Even more so, nothing describes the feeling of being unmoved no matter what comes your way. Grounding yourself into your core self will allow room for power to arise abundantly.