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Making YOU A Priority In 2014

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It’s a new year, time for new hopes, dreams and goals. We all have them, we even set what we call “resolutions” to start out the year.  Yet many of us give up on these “resolutions” after a week or two. Why? Is it because they are hard, or we can’t see an immediate result, or...

The MLK Youth Writers Contest

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What is the ICAM MLK Youth Writers Contest and who can enter? It’s a Contest held by ICAM Executive Board to reward middle school and high school students who want to write and illustrate their own stories, personal ideas, and experiences through a creative writing talent....

The Gift of Friendships Near and Far

Unforgettable memories. Immeasurable support. Unconditional love. A smile when you feel like crying. Loyalty. Shared dreams and ambitions. Opens arms. Knowing you’re loved. Feeling beautiful in your own skin. Sacrifice. Weekend getaways. Facing life together. Transparent....

Boxing Champ Winky Wright Newest Celebrity Ambassador for I Care About Me

TAMPA, FL –Winky Wright, a St. Petersburg native and one of the biggest names in boxing, will help spread the message of self-esteem, self-worth and caring about the community, as a Celebrity Ambassador for I Care About Me, a part of the Tampa-based non-profit ConnXions, Inc. I...

Start the Day Right

The other day when I woke up and started to get ready for my day, it dawned on me that I am somebody special. I went into my daughter’s room, rubbed her back softly as I greeted her with a big smile and a loud and loving GOOD MORNING BABY! She pulled the covers over her head and...

I Care About Me Featured in the Tampa Tribune

Check out this great story about I Care About Me featured in the Feb. 21 edition of the Tampa Tribune. The newspaper covered our recent web site launch and documentary debut at The Regent in Riverview.    

ICAM Website …ICAM Launch Mixer 1/26/12 @ the Regent (Riverview, FL)

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Pics from the ICAM Launch Mixer at the Regent in Riverview, FL. Thanks to all that attended, Publix, the Regent, & to the “bunch” as DJ Ekin calls them! You guys were awesome! Join the movement!

Unity Day with “I Care About Me” at Middleton HS 12/15/11

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…TAKING A STAND AGAINST YOUTH VIOLENCE … We had our 1st Annual Unity Day here in Tampa, FL …special thanks to the faculty, staff, & students of Middleton High School for being our host location! Let’s continue to take a stand against youth violence!