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Celebrity PSA: Travis Porter

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Travis Porter gives the kids a little piece of advice on caring about themselves.

ICAM Ambassador Tom G.

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A candid look inside the world of one of Tampa’s most beloved sons; this is Tom G.

PSA #4: What Do You Care About?

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The kids of I Care About Me want to know — what do YOU care about?

PSA #3: Kids Speak Volumes

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They say that kids speak volumes. The question is, are you listening?

PSA #2: I Know I’m Just A Kid

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Featuring ICAM Junior Ambassador Joli.

PSA #1: If You Really Knew Me

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Featuring ICAM Junior Ambassador Kiyon.

The Vicious Cycle of Alcoholism

Growing up I watched my mom suffer from alcoholism and drug abuse. I witness first-hand the impact of how powerful addiction truly is and its ability to completely rip a family to pieces. I’ve experienced the rage of the alcoholic monster imbedded in my mother’s mind and have...

What You Don’t Know About HIV/AIDS

June 27 is National HIV Testing Day. Get tested! June 27, 2012 is HIV National Testing Day. The message is simple — Get Tested!! Just recently I was blessed with the opportunity to become an HIV testing counselor at a local clinic where I will be working one on one with...