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Parents, did you know…

Student achievement increases when parents participate in advocacy, decision-making and oversight roles.

Research shows that when parents are involved children have:

  • Increased motivation, better self-esteem
  • Decreased use of drugs and alcohol
  • Fewer instances of violent behavior 1

Your involvement is critical in your child’s development!

iCAM Parents

Your commitment to iCAM is beneficial to both you and your child. Your increased involvement will help foster a stronger bond and a more satisfying parent-child relationship.

Volunteer - Attend and assist at iCAM meetings and events.

Empower - Encourage your child to apply iCAM principles in real life situations.

Model - Be a role model of good choices. Assist in training your child to develop strong self-advocacy skills.

Communicate - Share community resources with iCAM. Spread the word about iCAM with community or business groups you are already involved with.

Network - Get to know the iCAM team and connect with other parents.

Suggest - Parents, you have a voice. Share ways to improve iCAM. Your input will help shape iCAM to better meet the needs of your child.

1 Williams, D.L. & Chavkin, N.F. (1989). Essential elements of strong parent involvement programs. Educational Leadership, 47, 18-20