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Every kid matters. It’s that simple.

The Mission

The mission of iCare About Me is to increase the self-esteem and self-worth of today’s youth.

The Vision

To inspire youth to expand their goal-setting capacity while instilling a sense of caring to make a positive impact in our world through various outreach, and programs.

3 Objectives of iCAM

The Breakdown

Assisting youth in removing the mentality that material objects determine their self-worth and letting go of the baggage holding them back.

The Buildup

Directing the focus to things they enjoy, their strengths, and assisting in harnessing a direction.

The Bridge

Creating a connection to their future with the help of parents, teachers and positive influences in the community.

The Founder

DJ Ekin

With an impressive resume that encompasses everything from on-air personality, acting, writing, and producing, to CEO, there is no mistaking why DJ Ekin is widely known as “Tampa’s Most Connected DJ.”

He is the driving force behind iCAM. Ekin realizes that it all starts with the community he states “My job is not only entertainment but rather I carry a much greater responsibility which consists of giving back and showing the youth that they matter on every level.


iCAM Pledge

Be part of the Movement

Getting involved with iCAM is easy. You can start by taking the pledge to have confidence, achieve goals, and spread the word.